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Smile Transformation: A Life Transformation

A person’s smile may reveal a lot about themselves. It can convey a lot about a person’s personality and self-identity. However, if a person cannot be proud of their smile because of issues such as misalignment, discoloration, or missing teeth, to mention a few, smiling can have the opposite effect, making one feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

You may not be born with the perfect smile. But, with the new technologies and the expertise of the best dentist in the field, everything is possible, especially here at Ampong Dental! 

We introduce you to the smile transformation procedure that may improve not just a person’s appearance but also their quality of life. Let’s take a look at how you may change the look, feel, and general health of your smile by looking into this treatment further.

What is a smile transformation?

A smile transformation or sometimes called smile makeover is a procedure that involves the development of a tailored -fit treatment plant for your specific needs, prepared in your consultation here at Ampong Dental. This involves one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the look of the smile. 

At Ampong Dental, we use a combination of cutting-edge technologies and techniques to provide the best cosmetic and restorative results. Preserving tooth structure, therefore extending the life of your teeth and restorations, while obtaining the best possible cosmetic results.

Why might you need a smile transformation?

Before you opt for a smile transformation, ask yourself this question- What is it about your smile or teeth that you like or dislike?  The following are some aspects of your smile that our dentist at Ampong Dental will discuss with you thoroughly:

Tooth color

Teeth whitening can enhance the color of stained or dulled teeth. Likewise, while- silver or amalgam dental fillings can be replaced with natural-looking, tooth-colored composite restorations. Tooth color and shading are important considerations during the assessment and  preparation of various treatments including, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonding, and dental implants, among others.

When thinking about the color of your teeth, remember that dark or discolored teeth might indicate an aged mouth. Usually,  a  youthful smile appearance is enhanced by a well-shaped smile with bright, white teeth. The shade of teeth whitening and veneers chosen by our dentist is carefully considered, with special attention given to the tone and color of your face and hair.

Missing teeth

One or more missing teeth can have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile, as well as your bite and your risk of tooth decay, therefore, replacement is an important element of oral health and facial esthetics. Dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures can all be used to replace missing teeth.

Fuller Lips, smile and cheeks

Certain smile makeover procedures, such as orthodontics and/or oral maxillofacial surgery, can help to enhance or rejuvenate an unshapely or aging face.

Harmony and balance

Uneven, chipped, and broken teeth can be cosmetically bonded for a better appearance, and a gummy smile can be reshaped to help improve the smile’s overall appearance.

Alignment and spacing

Teeth that are crooked, overlapping, or have spaces between them can be straightened and aligned with orthodontics, and their appearance can also be enhanced with veneers.

Procedure to expect

A smile transformation comprises a few steps to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. First, let’s take a look at the treatment that may be employed to you, depending on your case: 

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening and white fillings are a simple and affordable way to make your teeth seem brand new. White teeth can change color over time as a result of certain foods and beverages, medications, cigarette use, dental trauma, and even aging. Whitening is the process of breaking up stains on teeth into tiny pieces with bleach, brightening the color.

Dental implants and dentures

Dental implants, whether for a single tooth or several teeth, can replace severely damaged or chipped teeth in patients who are in good oral health and free of periodontal disease. An implant is a replacement tooth that is placed into the jawbone and looks exactly like a natural tooth.

Crowns, bridges & veneers

Crowns and bridges could also be used to restore the appearance, shape, and function of a damaged natural tooth. Damaged teeth can not only lead you to hide your teeth when you smile, but they can also cause more harm to your gums and adjacent teeth if they are not properly cared for. Likewise, Veneers are thin porcelain pieces that are bonded to the teeth to restore the tooth’s natural shape and appearance, resulting in a minimally invasive yet dramatic makeover that evens out the teeth.


Braces and other orthodontic procedures can repair misaligned teeth, as well as bites, teeth, and even the jaw. Braces may be used to bring teeth that are too widely apart and have gaps closer together. The proper alignment of the teeth and jaw not only makes teeth seem properly spaced, but it also uniformly distributes pressure while biting and chewing, and relieves muscle stress that can cause headaches, neck and back discomfort, and other problems.

Rest assured that all these procedures are properly and expertly done here at Ampong Dental to accommodate all your needs in transforming your smile into the best as it can be! 

Steps to a new smile


You will first go to Ampong Dental for a consultation, and our dentists will attend to your requests as well as your concerns about the procedure. The method will next be discussed in further detail.

After that, we’ll create and implement your customized smile transformation plan. It might include several procedures like porcelain veneers, pre-alignment braces, dental implants, bridgework, and crowns (more on later).


Afterwards, we will collect measurements, photos, and impressions of your teeth.Then, you can see your new smile in 3-D on a stone model. With this model, you may examine your new smile from a variety of perspectives. At this point, you can modify the shape, size, contour, and any other feature of your smile, depending on your preference.


The adjustments and the treatment for the definitive new teeth will be done only after you are completely satisfied with the new smile model. The last stage is removing your prototype restoration and placing your new smile by fine-tuning details including dental anatomy, tooth color, surface characteristics, and such.

Voila! You have now got a newly improved smile. 

Caring for your new smile

Knowing how to change your oral hygiene habits to better care for your restorations will help you keep your new smile for many years!  Toothbrushing habits and highly abrasive toothpastes can damage the surface of restorations, dulling their gloss and luster. 

Likewise, we recommend brushing two to three times each day for the best results. Flossing is also an important part of eliminating plaque and debris from the teeth, and it also extends the life of restorations and prevents tooth decay. This is especially important for those who have veneers, because having good gum tissue health is important.

Lastly, we recommend avoiding high-sugar meals and minimizing between-meal snacking. In addition, to keep your smile stain-free, limit your intake of coffee, soda, tea, and other caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages. Too much alcohol might harm your teeth.

In conclusion…

If you’re unhappy with your smile and want to make minor adjustments, want to repair old or damaged dental work, or have issues with the functionality and appearance of your teeth, a smile makeover may be the solution for you!

We will evaluate your smile and assist you in determining the best course of action for achieving the improvements you want. We  will create a treatment plan specifically for you to ensure that your smile transformation is precisely what you want.

So, if you want to change anything about your smile, schedule a consultation with Ampong Dental today. 

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