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Ampong Dental is a full-service dental clinic that utilizes cutting-edge technology for the utmost care of our patients. We specialize in offering patients a safe, cost-effective, and relaxing experience, from dental implants to dental treatments in the busy heart of Metro Manila.

Our work reflects a high level of dedication and craftsmanship. We are always assisting patients in finding the best solutions, alternatives, and excellent dental treatment at a reasonable cost. We consistently endeavor to make patients as comfortable and pleased as possible. Here at Ampong Dental, we strive to create the perfect smile while taking care of you.


You can guarantee for us having your back as your dental care provider since we sincerely cherish your trust in entrusting us with your care.


We think that in order to succeed, we must genuinely like what we do. We are enthusiastic about our job, our patients, our goals, and our clinic.

Top Notch Excellence

As dental care experts, we are dedicated to maintaining our education, training, and experience in order to be the best in our field.

High Quality Standards

In the products we offer, the materials we utilize, and the services we provide, we adhere to the highest quality standards.

Hunger for Success

We are committed to succeeding in whatever we do by doing our best work of our abilities and reaching our objectives on a consistent basis.

World class customer service

We walk the extra mile to ensure that our patients are satisfied and delighted. We always exceed expectations in all we say and do.

That’s the whole mantra of Ampong Dental. This dogma has been built upon the compassion and leadership  Dr. Camille Ampong. She’s established a bespoke dental treatment that combines high-quality care with cutting-edge digital technology in a family-friendly setting. As a result, patients and dentists may rest assured that her legacy is backed by years of expertise and a real passion for dentistry.

Dr. Camille Ampong earned her degree at the University of the East in 2010. Prior to beginning her journey to build her own clinic, Dr Ampong worked as an associate dentist at Fandialan TMJ Center Manila. She understands the satisfaction, pleasure, and delight of positively changing a patient’s life by restoring dental health and bringing everyone the smile they deserve, and for that, she integrated the vision to spread awareness about TMJ Disorder in the Philippines.

Using that passion as her bread and butter, Dr Ampong decided to open a private practice at her house in 2011 as a side hustle while still working on her full-time practice as an associate dentist. As the breadwinner of her family, Dr Ampong understands the value of perseverance and self-growth, so after 6 years of working as an associate dentist at Fandialan TMJ Center Manila, she decided to open her own dental practice to provide tailored-fit services to dental problems that are as unique as her patients.

In 2016, Ampong Dental was created on a leap of faith with the sole effort and leadership of Dr Camille Ampong. Situated at the busy road of Kamuning, Quezon City, Ampong Dental became a forefront dental clinic offering the best dental service in the community. With years of cumulative professional experience, the family of Ampong Dental provided a wealth of knowledge, a clear vision, and a strong desire to assist patients at every stage of their journey.

It was never easy, but to see the smile we bring to our patients, it was all worth it!

Dr. Camille Ampong

Keeping this in mind, Ampong Dental widened its community base at their extension branch in Kamuning, Quezon City in 2019, the same year their Makati branch opened. Despite being discovered through word of mouth, Ampong Dental let their work do the talking. Guided by their core values of top-notch excellence and compassionate approach, they strive to create beautiful smiles in more ways than one.

Ampong Dental’s constant effort in providing the best service has led them to build their own dental laboratory in 2020. Years have passed since Ampong Dental started, but they are still deeply passionate about the same core values and continue to innovate for their growing community.

Today, there are more than 40 members of Ampong Dental, and still growing, all of them under one mission; to provide their patients with the best treatment full of compassion.

Here at Ampong Dental, we believe that compassion creates the biggest smile.

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